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Bone grafting
Bone Grafting
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Why might I need bone grafting with a dentist?

Bone grafting is a procedure that might be performed by Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove of Family Dentistry of Caledonia to help patients achieve restoration of the jawbone after bone loss. Bone loss can happen in many different situations, so speaking with a professional about rebuilding the bone with donor bone material or manmade material may be a conversation you need to have with our team. We provide this service to ensure patients maintain a healthy smile, even after tooth loss or extractions.

Why might I need dental bone grafting?

There are several reasons why someone might need dental bone grafting, particularly in preparation for a tooth implant procedure. Some of the common causes include:

  • Tooth loss. When a tooth is missing or extracted due to decay or damage, it results in an empty socket in the jawbone. Over time, this can cause the jawbone to shrink and weaken, which is known as dental resorption. We may provide a bone graft to maintain the jawbone’s strength and contours after tooth extraction or loss.
  • Dental implants. Patients who lack sufficient bone for dental implants can inquire about bone grafting with our team. A bone graft for tooth implants restores the bone of the jaw and prepares it for dental implant placement. The dental implant placement will also stimulate bone growth through a process known as osseointegration and ensure the implant placement is successful over time.
  • Periodontal disease. Advanced periodontal or gum disease can cause damage to the bone of the jaw, resulting in bone loss and potential tooth loss. After treating gum disease, a bone graft may be necessary to help restore the damaged bone and prepare it for future dental procedures’ that patients may be considering.

How do I learn more about bone grafting?

Bone grafting is one of several restorative services available at Family Dentistry of Caledonia. Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove of Caledonia, MI, are pleased to offer this service. Call (616) 816-5882 to request an appointment at our office, conveniently located at 9021 North Rodgers Court SE, Suite E, for a consultation.

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