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Using dental crowns and caps to protect natural teeth

Family Dentistry of Caledonia in Caledonia, Michigan, works with patients in the area to provide the best quality restorative care. When issues arise, they offer solutions designed to last a long time while remaining aesthetic. If a tooth has experienced significant damage, it doesn’t always have to be extracted—instead, Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove may recommend fabricating and placing dental crowns.

What are dental crowns?

Drs. Scott and Grove describe dental crowns, sometimes called porcelain crowns or cosmetic crowns, as tooth “caps” that offer coverage for the exposed portion of a tooth. The natural tooth structure is smoothed down, impressions are made, and then used to create a porcelain crown that is bonded onto the top of the tooth.

When might I need a dental crown?

There are several situations that might warrant the need for a dental crown. For patients with extremely large cavities, fillings may be used but might affect a significant portion of the tooth structure. Placing a crown offers extra strength to avoid breakage. Additionally, teeth that have recently had root canal therapy benefit from a crown, as the tooth can become weak and brittle. Crowns are bonded to false teeth called pontics that create a dental bridge, a restoration used for replacing one or more teeth in a row. And those who are missing teeth may use a dental crown over a dental implant as a false tooth to complete the restoration of the smile. At our practice, approximately 99% of the crowns we create are same-day/one-visit dental crowns using our in-house CEREC technology.

Schedule time to talk to our team about porcelain crowns

If you are considering a cap for a tooth and want to work with an experienced dental team in the Caledonia, MI, area, we welcome you to call Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove to discuss your options at Family Dentistry of Caledonia. The office is located at 9021 North Rodgers Ct. SE, Suite E, can be reached by phone at (616) 816-5882. Our team is excited to serve our patients in the surrounding cities of Alto, Freeport, Kentwood, Hastings, Cutlerville, Middleville, and Grand Rapids, MI.

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