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How dentures and partials can restore the function of the smile

When you think of dentures, you might think of the false teeth of your grandparents’ generation. However, dentures have come a long way and might be the best solution for tooth loss. Dentures and partials are available at Family Dentistry of Caledonia in Caledonia, Michigan.

What types of dentures are available for my consideration?

Replacing missing teeth can be achieved in various ways, so speaking with Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove about your specific needs is the first step in deciding if dentures are right for you. Some of the options we have available include:

  • Complete dentures. Complete dentures are made of quality acrylic and plastic and are intended to replace all missing teeth. They look natural, feel comfortable, and allow you to eat most foods comfortably.
  • Partial dentures. Partial dentures are similar to complete dentures, except they fit around your existing teeth for stability and support. This is a great option if you have some remaining healthy teeth.
  • Removable implant-supported dentures. These are full or partial dentures anchored in place with dental implants along the dental arch. This provides a much more stable and secure fit and functionality for dentures, making it easier to eat and speak properly without the need for natural suction or denture adhesives.
  • Fixed implant-supported dentures. These are permanent dentures anchored in place with dental implants, but they cannot be removed by the patient. They provide the most natural look and feel of all denture options.

Which type of denture is right for me?

Choosing between removable partial dentures, complete dentures, or implant-supported dentures can seem overwhelming for patients unsure which fits their needs best. This is why our team at Family Dentistry of Caledonia is here to help. Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove of Caledonia, MI, are here to assist in choosing the tooth replacement option best for YOU! If you live in or around the areas of Middleville, Grand Rapids, Cutlerville, Kentwood, Hastings, Alto, or Freeport, MI, and want to work with a family-friendly team of dental professionals, we invite you to call our office today at (616) 816-5882. We are open to new and existing patients at our 9021 North Rodgers Court SE, Suite E office.

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