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What are overdentures, and how can they restore my smile?

Overdentures are just one of the more common restorations used for patients who need to replace all their teeth in the dental arch but want to avoid more traditional full dentures or “complete dentures.” Drs. Gary Scott and Allyson M. Grove of Family Dentistry of Caledonia encourage patients in Caledonia, Michigan, to ask about overdentures. Overdentures fit over dental implants or natural teeth to provide better functionality when replacing several teeth.

What are the benefits of overdentures?

There are several advantages that are offered by using overdentures to restore the function of the smile. Whether it is held by natural teeth (similar to a dental bridge) or dental implants, overdentures have some benefits that may include:

  • Stimulation of jawbone growth. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone will often deteriorate as it no longer needs to hold a tooth root in place. However, with the placement of a dental implant, osseointegration occurs, maintaining the jawbone.
  • Maintenance of facial features and structure. If a patient experiences bone loss in the jaw, they will often find that this bone resorption can lead to a sunken appearance around the chin and mouth. Implants prevent this and allow patients to maintain a youthful look longer.
  • Comfort. Unlike traditional removable full and partial dentures, dental implants and overdentures are an excellent solution for patients who want a comfortable restoration. Implant-retained overdentures are much more comfortable, allowing patients to think less about their teeth and more about their day!
  • Improved digestion. Because you can bite and chew your food, you will experience better digestion thanks to the food being more broken down before entering the stomach.

How do I find out if overdentures are right for me?

If you are considering implant-supported overdentures for your smile and live in or around the area of Caledonia, MI, our team at Family Dentistry of Caledonia encourages you to book an appointment at the office by calling (616) 816-5882. The office is located at 9021 N. Rodgers Court SE, Suite E. It is open to families and individuals in the areas of Freeport, Alto, Hastings, Kentwood, Cutlerville, Grand Rapids, and Middleville, MI.

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